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Maj Gen Christopher P. Weggeman Dr. Douglas Maughan
Maj Gen Christopher P. Weggeman
Commander, Twenty-fourth Air Force
and Commander, Air Forces Cyber
Dr. Douglas Maughan
Director, Cyber Security Division
Science and Technology Directorate
Department of Homeland Security


Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Shawn Turskey Dr. Greg Shannon
Mr. Shawn Turskey
Executive Director
United States Cyber Command
Dr. Greg Shannon
Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Strategy
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Executive Office of the President
Dr. Robert Ladagga Dr. Dan Geer
Dr. Robert Ladagga
Research Professor
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Vanderbilt University
Dr. Dan Geer
Chief Information Security Officer


Keynote Speakers:

Maj Gen Jim H. Keffer Mr. Jeff Dickerson
Maj Gen Jim H. Keffer
Chief of Staff
U.S. Cyber Command
Mr. Jeff Dickerson
Chief Architect
National Security Agency


Keynote Speakers:

LTG Edward C. Cardon Dr. Andy Ozment
LTG Edward C. Cardon
U.S. Army Cyber Command
Dr. Andy Ozment
Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications,
Department of Homeland Security


Keynote Speaker:

GEN Keith B. Alexander
GEN C. Robert Kehler
Commander, U.S. Strategic Command

2012 “Smart Cyber Enterprises”

Keynote Speakers:

GEN Keith B. Alexander LTG Rhett A. Hernandez Brig Gen J. Marcus Hicks
GEN Keith B. Alexander
Commander, U.S. Cyber Command,
Director, National Security Agency/
Central Security Service
LTG Rhett A. Hernandez
U.S. Army Cyber Command
Brig Gen J. Marcus Hicks
Director, Command, Control,
Communications and Cyber (C4)
for U.S. Pacific Command

2011 “National Security through Technological Superiority”

Keynote Speakers:

Lt Gen Robert E. Schmidle Ms. Terri Takai Mr. Michael Krieger
LtGen Robert E. Schmidle, Jr.
Deputy Commander,
U.S. Cyber Command
Ms. Teri Takai
Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense,
Networks and Information Integration
Mr. Michael Krieger
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of the Army

2010 “Challenges and Solutions for National Security”

Keynote Speakers:
Gen K. P. Chilton Maj Gen S. M. Vautrinot Priscilla E. Guthrie
General Kevin P. Chilton
Maj Gen Suzanne M. Vautrinot
Director of Plans and Policy, U.S. Cyber Command
Priscilla E. Guthrie
Chief Information Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

2009 “Securing Net-Centric Operations”

Keynote Speakers:  
Gen James E. Cartwright Gen P. W. Chiarelli
General James E. Cartwright
USMC (Vice Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
General Peter W. Chiarelli
USA (Vice Chief of Staff of the Army)

2008 “Making the GIG a Reality”

Keynote Speakers:    
Ms. S. D. Alexander Lt Col J. Keelon Brig Gen S. K. Mashiko
Ms. Susan D. Alexander
OASD(NII) (CTO, Information and Identity Assurance)
Lt Col Joseph Keelon
USAF Electronic Systems Center (Deputy Chief, Family of Gateway Systems)
Brig Gen Susan K. Mashiko
Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA (Vice Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center)

2007 “Tactical Networking and SATCOM”

Keynote Speakers:    
Dr. Lani Kass LTC "Rock" Marcone Gen Gregory S. Martin
Dr. Lani Kass
CSAF's Cyberspace Task Force
and Special Assistant to the Chief
of Staff of the Air Force (Director)
LTC "Rock" Marcone
USA (Ret.)
Gen Gregory S. Martin
USAF (Ret.)
Dr. Troy Meink Dr. T. M. Persons John P. Stenbit
Dr. Troy Meink
Dr. Timothy M. Persons
The Honorable
John P. Stenbit

2006 “Tactical Networking”

Keynote Speakers:  
Gen C. A. Horner Dr. Troy Meink
Gen Charles A. Horner
USAF (Ret.)
Dr. Troy Meink
Gen W. S. Wallace Ms. Michele Weslander
Gen William S. Wallace
Ms. Michele Weslander
(Deputy CIO/DNI)