MIT Lincoln Laboratory will be hosting the Cyber and Netcentric Workshop (CNW) on 15–17 June 2015.

CNW is an annual event for government agencies, the military, federally funded research and development centers
(FFRDCs), research labs, and industry to discuss lessons learned, current trends, technical challenges, and the road ahead. The program includes keynote addresses; technical presentations from the user, acquisition, research, and developer communities; and a poster/demo forum. The workshop typically draws about 400 people from government
agencies, the military, FFRDCs, research labs, and industry.

CNW 2015 will be featuring the following keynote speakers:

Maj Gen Jim H. Keffer Mr. Jeff Dickerson
Maj Gen Jim H. Keffer
Chief of Staff
U.S. Cyber Command
Mr. Jeff Dickerson
Chief Architect
National Security Agency

We hope to see you in June for CNW 2015 at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is hosting the 2015 Malware Technical Exchange Meeting (MTEM) directly following CNW. For more information please visit MTEM's website.