Tuesday, 26 February

0830 Welcome Dr. Eric Evans, Director, MIT LL
0835 Workshop Overview: Focus on Technology Dr. Bernadette Johnson, CTO, MIT LL
Advanced Devices
0900 – 0930 Keynote Talk Dr. Zach Lemnios, IBM
0930 – 0950 MITLL Micro-Electronics Laboratory Dr. Craig Keast, MIT LL
0950 – 1005 Break  
1005 – 1040 Detectors and Focal Planes (8 minutes each)  
  Charge Coupled Devices Dr. V. Suntharalingam, MIT LL
  APDs – Larger Formats & Higher Densities Dr. Erik Duerr, MIT LL
  Digital-pixel Focal Plane Arrays Dr. Michael Kelly, MIT LL
  Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors Dr. Eric Dauler, MIT LL
1040 – 1130 Materials and Devices (8 minutes each)  
  Topological Insulators Dr. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, MIT
  Low Density Quantum Dots Dr. Christine Wang, MIT LL
  Superconducting Quantum Computing Dr. William Oliver, MIT LL
  Low Voltage CMOS Dr. Stephen Vitale, MIT LL
  III-Vs for CMOS Beyond Silicon Dr. Jesus del Alamo, MIT
  Flexible Micro-Electronics Dr. Jeremy Muldavin, MIT LL
1130 Posters and Demos
1200 Lunch  
Optical Systems & Technologies
1300 – 1330 Keynote Talk TBD
1330 – 1445 Laser Technologies and Systems (10 minutes each)  
  Optical Arbitrary Waveform Generation Dr. Erich Ippen, MIT
  Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays Dr. George Turner, MIT LL
  Sagnac Entangled Photon Source Dr. Franco Wong, MIT
  Laser Beam Combining Dr. T.Y. Fan, MIT LL
  Fast, Accurate, High-res, Wide-Area 3D Imaging System Mr. Robert Knowlton, MIT LL
  Single Particle Infrared Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy Dr. Brian Saar, MIT LL
  Polarimetric Laser Radar Dr. Eric Hines, MIT LL
1445 – 1500 Break  
1500 – 1610 Imaging and Spectroscopy Systems (10 minutes each)  
  Immersive Surveillance Imaging System Dr. Daniel Chuang, MIT LL
  Photothermal Infrared Microscopy Dr. Brian Saar, MIT LL
  High-Speed Imaging Using Smart Pixels Dr. Christy Cull, MIT LL
  High-Density Electrophysiological Imager Dr. Todd Thorsen, MIT LL
  Bio-inspired Electronics Dr. Rahul Sarpeshkar, MIT
  Detecting and Predicting Internal Blood Loss via Photoplethysmography (PPG) Dr. Al Swiston, MIT LL
1615 Day 1 Highlights Dr. Bernadette Johnson, MIT LL
1630 Reception and Poster Session  
1800 Adjourn  
Wednesday, 27 February
0830 Welcome Dr. Bernadette Johnson, CTO, MIT LL
RF Systems & Technologies
0845 – 0915 Keynote Talk Dr. William Chappell, DARPA
0915 – 1000 RF Technologies (8 minutes each)  
  Advanced Microwave Photonic Subsystems Dr. Paul Juodawlkis, MIT LL
  Photonic Synthesis of Ultralow-Noise Microwaves Mr. William Loh, MIT
  High Power GaN Transistors Dr. Tomas Palacios, MIT
  Time Varying Quantization Dr. William Song, MIT LL
  RF Enhanced Digital System on Chip Dr. Matt Guyton, MIT LL
1000 – 1015 Break  
1015 – 1100 RF Technologies (8 minutes each)  
  Micro-sized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite Dr. William Blackwell, MIT LL
  Multilithic Phased Array Architectures for Next Generation Radar Dr. Sean Duffy, MIT LL
  Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Dr. Brad Perry, MIT LL
  Evolution of ROSA to Telemetry Systems Dr. Peter Parker, MIT LL
  Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) Technology for Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR) Dr. Vito Mecca, MIT LL
1100 Posters and Demonstrations  
1145 Lunch  
1230 – 1315 Keynote Talk Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Research
1315 – 1400 Extreme Computing (10 minutes each)  
  Massachusetts Green HPC Center Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT LL
  Power Efficient Embedded Computing Prof. Arvind, MIT
  Julia: A Fresh Approach to High-Performance Computing Prof. Alan Edelman, MIT
  Parallel Vector Tile Optimizing Library Dr. Edward Rutledge, MIT LL
1400 – 1415 Break  
1415 – 1535 Data Analytics (8 minutes each)  
  Dynamic Distributed Dimensional Data Model (D4M) Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT LL
  Scalable Image Graph Matching Architecture Dr. Karl Ni, MIT LL
  Rapid Surveillance Video Exploitation Dr. Jason Thornton, MIT LL
  Image Search Dr. Peter Cho, MIT LL
  Text Analytics Dr. Michael Yee, MIT LL
  Automatic Discovery Patterns and Trends from Human Language Communications Dr. Wade Shen, MIT LL
  Human Language Communications Dr. Wade Shen, MIT LL
  Biomarkers for Depression Dr. Tom Quatieri, MIT LL
  Applying Bioinformatics to Biomedical, Human Identity, and Metagenomics Challenges Dr. Darell Ricke, MIT LL
  Medical Ultrasound Image Processing Dr. Brian Telfer, MIT LL
1535 – 1550 Break  
1550 – 1645 Cyber Security (10 minutes each)  
  Lincoln Cyber Situational Awareness Pilot Ms. Tamara Yu, MIT LL
  Signal Processing for Graphs Dr. Matt Schmidt, MIT LL
  Probabilistic Threat Propagation Dr. Kevin Carter, MIT LL
  Cyber Language Modeling Ms. Karen Sittig, MIT Media Lab
  Cyber Red/Blue Ms. Nancy Crabtree, MIT LL
1645 – 1700 Day 2 Highlights and Closing Remarks - How to learn more Dr. Bernadette Johnson, MIT LL